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Reproductive Immunology

Reproductive Immunology

The consultancy office for reproductive immunology was found by Prof. Ulčová-Gallová in 1985. Together with the laboratories it has operated fully at the new department of Genetics Pilsen since 2012. Erudition in gynaecology and obstetrics with immunology fully respects the complex neuroendocrine-immune relationships among couples with impaired fertility and provides more options for a comprehensive view of diagnosis and mainly of adjustment and the method of the existing therapy.


We monitor

  • Couples who did not get pregnant after 1-2 and more cycles of IVF
  • Female patients after two and more abortions
  • Couples with an autoimmune disease or underlying diagnosis (e.g. diabetes mellitus and other)
  • Couples prior to cryopreservation of sperm or eggs due to a serious oncology diagnosis and before therapeutic procedures (surgery, chemotherapy)
  • Couples older than 30 years who did not get pregnant after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Conditions for examination

The examination in reproductive immunology should also be performed in the partner. We examine serum (collection of blood on condition that excessive fat intake is excluded for 24 hours), furthermore ovulation mucus (timed painless collection of cervical secretion on condition that:  a condom is used during sexual intercourse from the end of menstrual bleeding till the collection of the biological material) and ejaculate (after four days of sexual abstinence). Smoking, alcohol intake and use of drugs are not recommended before the examination and we request an interval of at least two months from the last abortion or hormonal stimulation. We also examine follicular and peritoneal fluid. Referral from a gynaecologist or other specialist with a brief description of the event is suitable.

We examine

  • especially the isoimmune and autoimmune relations of the germ cells (eggs and sperms) and the early embryo and we focus on the enzymatic characteristics of the sperm heads.
  • Sperm agglutination antibodies, antibodies against zona pellucida (egg)
  • Eight various antiphospholipide antibodies
  • Other examinations of autoimmune parameters are indicated according to the actual results
  • Antibodies in the ovarian cervix secretion
  • Cellular immunity (NK cells) in the uterine mucosa

Examination of the couple

Timing of the examination (according to the menstrual cycle) of the couple and of the collections for one consultation according to the above-stated conditions. The second consultation concerns a detailed analysis of the results and a decision on how further therapy will be performed.

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