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Invasive procedures

Invasive procedures

CVS -  Chorionic Villus Sampling (placenta)

It is performed between week 10 and week 14 of a woman's pregnancy. In this case the procedure is performed in local anaesthesia of the skin and hypodermis always under ultrasound control and beyond the foetus. The result of the most common syndromes using the QFPCR method is available within 24 hours after collection. The result of the complete chromosomal examination (karyotype) is available within three weeks. The risk of complications associated with the procedure is 0.5-1%.

AMC - Amnial Fluid Collection

It is performed after week 16 of a woman's pregnancy. The collection is performed always under ultrasound control through the abdominal wall using a very thin needle (0.5 mm in diameter). Approximately 20 mL of amniotic fluid should be collected. This small amount is recovered within several hours following collection. The risk of complications associated with the procedure is 0.5-1%.

Selective foetal reduction

In case of twin or multiple pregnancy it may happen in some cases that one of the foetuses has a congenital defect and the second one is healthy. The foetus with a congenital defect may affect the whole pregnancy. In these cases it is possible to stop development of the foetus having a congenital defect and the pregnancy continues only with one, healthy foetus.
This procedure can be performed at the request of a pregnant woman if she wishes to continue only with a single pregnancy due to medical or social reasons until week 12 of a woman's pregnancy.
The procedure is similar to CVS (collection of a sample of the placenta) and the risk of a complete loss of pregnancy is approximately 5-10%.

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