Reproductive Immunology Laboratory
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Reproductive Immunology Laboratory

Reproductive Immunology Laboratory

The reproductive immunology laboratories examine spermaglutination antibodies against sperms, antibodies against zona pellucida, profile of antiphospholipide antibodies and intraacrosomal enzymes.

Biological fluids

  • Serum, cervical ovulation secretion
  • Peritoneal fluid
  • Follicular fluid
  • Ejaculate


  • Friberg method (Tray agglutination test)
  • Kremer test
  • MAR test (mixed anti-immunoglobulin reaction test, direct, indirect)
  • Passive haemagglutination test  (antizonal antibodies)
  • ELISA tests in IgG, A, M in doublets (against eight various phospholipides)
  • Spermiograms
  • Intraacrosomal enzymes using monoclonal antibodies

(Other according to the instructions of the Consultancy office for reproductive immunology)

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