Determination of paternity
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Determination of paternity

Determination of paternity

We have performed paternity tests including expert determination of paternity since 2006

A smear from the oral cavity is collected - a non-invasive, painless collection.

These tests are carried out only upon agreement of all parties involved, i.e. the examined persons should sign an informed consent form in which they acknowledge that their DNA will be handled for the purpose of this examination. Parents - the mother or the father stated in the birth certificate of a child - should sign it on behalf of minors.

Our laboratory successfully takes part in an annual external quality audit focusing on methodology of determination of paternity. The audit includes interpretation of the results, including statistical calculations.

Expert paternity determination

The result is provided in the form of an expert opinion. The price includes three copies of the opinion. More copies can be ordered for an extra fee.

All examined persons must undergo sample collection according to protocol, i.e. they must come personally and identify themselves by their proof of identification (birth certificate in children).  A report that is part of the expert opinion is prepared on the collection and images of the examination are performed during the collection.

The expert opinion can be used as documentary evidence in court.

Expert determination of paternity is suitable especially in the following cases

  • If legal proceedings are ongoing, i.e. in all cases regarding determination or denial of paternity
  • If you are considering filing a suit to deny paternity
  • If you are going to request changes in the birth certificate in terms of cancelling of paternity or cancelling of paternity and creation of new paternity at the same time

Determination of paternity without expert opinion

The advantage of this test is its lower price. The result cannot be used as documentary evidence in a court of law. The method of examination is the same as in expert determination of paternity, but is not subject to officially documented collection and verification of identity. The laboratory is not liable for the identity of the examined persons.

The result is provided including the genetic profile of the examined persons. In case of proof of paternity, a calculation of the paternity index and probability of paternity is also provided.

This examination is suitable

  • for those who want to know the result only for their personal needs
  • when the child's birth certificate does not mention a father and you are considering establishing paternity based on an affirmed statement
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