Genetics Pilsen was founded in 2002 by leading Czech geneticist František Lošan, M.D., PhD. Originally based in one out-patient department with a laboratory, he together with his son Petr has built a modern department of clinical geneticsthat is specialized, among others, in ultrasound detection of congenital defects. Thanks to the equipment that belongs to the best in the country, clients from abroad are also coming to Pilsen.

The company's main portfolio is genetic consultation related to reproduction. The offered consultancy involves two main areas. The first is for all pregnant women. It involves planning of the examinations needed to detect any possible congenital defects with the highest probability and as soon as possible. The second platform is intended for parents who are more likely to have a child with defects.

Genetics Pilsen also examines infertile couples or familieswith a history of repeated cancer diseases, myocardial infarctions, strokes and other serious diseasesacross generations. Furthermore, the company offers expert paternity determination.

The vast majority of all examinations are covered by health insurance provided that these examinations are medically indicated.