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Genetika West Sokolov

In April 2011 we opened the affiliate of our genetics department in Sokolov. This department was created by the fusion of the original genetics department of Eva Pokorná, M.D. in Sokolov with the laboratory facilities of Genetika Plzeņ, s.r.o. (Ltd.)

At this genetic out-patient department we perform a complete genetic consultancy, including subsequent laboratory examinations, except for ultrasound examination and invasive prenatal examinations of pregnant women. These examinations can be performed at our out-patient departments in Karlovy Vary and Pilsen. The other offered services are identical with our services performed at the sites in Pilsen and Karlovy Vary.

  • Genetika West, s.r.o. (Ltd.)
    Jiráskova 763/9, Sokolov 356 01
    Tel.: 377 241 529, 377 451 272
    Email: stenglova@genetika-plzen.cz
    Working hours: Mo-Fri 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.