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Company profile

Genetika Plze˛ was founded in 2002 by leading Czech geneticist František Lošan, M.D., PhD. Originally based in one out-patient department with a laboratory, he together with his son Petr has built a modern department of clinical genetics that is specialized, among others, in ultrasound detection of congenital defects. Thanks to the equipment that belongs to the best in the country, clients from abroad are also coming to Pilsen.

In 2012 the company moved from a smaller building in Pilsen-╚echurov to a new building on Parková street in Pilsen-╚ernice not far from the Olympia shopping centre. The new place is recognizable from a distance thanks to the easily visible sign "GENETIKA". Approximately 40 employees work at our department today.

The genetics laboratory is accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute, o.p.s. on the basis of evaluation of fulfilment of the accreditation criteria according to ╚SN EN ISO 15189:2007. Furthermore, it is approved to perform activities of a diagnostic laboratory by the State Institute for Drug Control.

Space for physicians and comfort for clients

The new building is 2,200 m2. The company currently uses half of the building. In addition to better facilities for staff it also offers higher comfort and convenience for clients. Clients and especially female clients have eight out-patient departments, including paediatric cardiology focusing on echocardiography. Furthermore, there are two laboratory sections each of four departments in the building. The capacity of examinations has therefore increased by 50%.

The company's main portfolio is genetic consultation related to reproduction. The offered consultancy involves two main areas. The first is for all pregnant women. It involves planning of the examinations needed to detect any possible congenital defects with the highest probability and as soon as possible. The second platform is intended for parents who are more likely to have a child with defects

Speed matters, which is why we have new technologies

One of the basic and best know examinations is ultrasound examination.  Genetika Plze˛ is among pioneers in using up-to-date technologies in this type of examination. It was the first in the region to use 3D and 4D ultrasound and it continually buys devices with still more advanced sensing and imaging methods. The health of children can be monitored already between week 12 and week 14 of pregnancy.

A more detailed foetal examination includes amniocentesis, which is a collection of a tiny sample of amniotic fluid. Analysis of this sample enables us to precisely diagnose the genetic properties of a foetus and some crucial foetal abnormalities. Amniotic fluid also contains live foetal cells which were separated from the foetus during growth and the foetus does not need these cells for its own development. Amniocentesis can be performed from week 16 of a woman's pregnancy.

For lay people a similar principle of ensuring a child's health is CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling) which is the taking of a sample from the placenta. The placenta has the same embryonic basis as the foetus and it can also be used to study the structure and number of chromosomes and therefore the complete genetic equipment of the foetus. In contrast to amniocentesis the CVS examination can be performed already from week 11 of a woman's pregnancy.

List of performed examinations

  • Genetic examination of children and adults with congenital defects
  • Examination of families with a history of a cancer in several generations
  • Examination of married couples dealing with infertility issues and repeated spontaneous abortions
  • Examination of male fertility - spermiogram
  • Pre-marital examination of next-of-kin partners
  • Screening of congenital foetal defects in the I. and II. trimester of pregnancy
  • 3D (4D)– ultrasound foetal examination
  • Prenatal genetic examination - collection of amniotic fluid with examination of a foetal karyotype
  • Quick examination of the amniotic fluid or chorionic villi using the QF-PCR method
  • Chromosomal examination using standard cytogenetic methods, including the FISH methods
  • chromosomal examination of aborted foetuses
  • Paternal expertise - expert determination of paternity
  • Molecular genetic examination of a hereditary tendency to thromboses, cystic fibrosis, microdeletion of Y chromosome and non-syndromic deafness
  • Examination of the predisposition alleles for coeliac disease
  • Examination of fragile X chromosome syndrome

Most of the examinations are covered by the health insurance

Genetika Plze˛ does more than just detect congenital defects in children. We also examine infertile couples or families with a history of repeated cancer diseases, myocardial infarctions, strokes and other serious diseases across generations. Furthermore, the company offers expert paternity determination. The vast majority of all examinations are covered by health insurance provided that these examinations are medically indicated.

In addition to the Pilsen region the company also operates in the Karlovy Vary region. The company's affiliate genetics department West in Sokolov is on Jiráskova street and in Karlovy Vary there is a genetics department that is part of the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Genetics on Býlehradská street. The experts perform a complete genetic consultancy, including non-invasive laboratory examinations also at these sites.